Jazz"Jazz" 10-1/2 x 16 x 2 inches $250.00|      I am a retired public school art teacher. Little images that make big statements might be a good way to describe my matchbook creations. What started out as a concept for a 12 x 12 art show, has become an extensive body of work of over 300 pieces. This homage to matchbook cover art has become the focus of my work for the last several years. I have found vintage images from collected matchbooks, published books about matchbooks, and internet sources. Once I started creating these pieces it was inevitable that I would begin to imagine what contemporary images would look like matchbook cover art. These matchbook images are a nostalgic journey of vintage and contemporary images used for advertising services and products. A friend of mine described my work this way,” Another example of an artist saving a part of history through his art.” Dennis Downes, painter sculptor, author.

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