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Overland Gallery Exhibit

When most people think of art, they first think of oil or watercolor paintings. However, there are multiple mediums that artists use to unleash their creative spirit.  Each artist in this show uses a different medium to create their images.  You’ll see Phil Schorn with his detailed colored pencil work, Mary Norvell with her flowing watercolors, Leslie Scott creating unique scratchboard images, and Jeff Harold telling stories in black and white photography.  All using their preferred medium to allow you to gain an insight into the way they view the world.  We hope you will enjoy the show.


I’ve always found the most interesting images are those that encourage the viewer to explore the story that the artist is trying to tell and this is what I try to bring to the images I create, whether they’re straight photographs or some form of digital art.  To me, the title given to an image should help the viewer understand what inspired the photographer to create the image and the story he’s trying to tell.  I’ve photographed many types of subjects, but I always try to create an image that can tell a story or invoke a feeling in the viewer.

I don’t consider myself a photographer who creates art, rather an artist that uses the digital world as his medium.


Watercolor is my choice as a medium.  It allows me the ability to capture the “spirit” infused in the subjects I paint.  I love the expressive uncontrolled response to pigment and water.  Most of my subjects are Angels from the various cemeteries I’ve seen and photographed.  Every painting is a new journey and the process is exciting as well as daunting.  My job as an Artist is to begin a dialogue with my subject as well as the viewer.


I’m a color pencil artist that paints with pencil.  My botanical renderings are not drawings of plant specimens as seen in scientific books, rather, they are renderings of plants as seen through the eye of an artist.  I can look at the ground and I can see the shapes, light and shadows.

I typically focus on a small portion and enhance what makes that interesting.  Whether that be the individual leaf, flower, a branch or the ground, I bring the details to life.

I want the viewer to look and get lost in the scene as if they were standing in it.

I have found that life truly is, in the details.


I was raised in Evanston IL and attended Idaho State University where I received a BA in art and design. I spent three years doing graduate work at Howard University in Washington DC. I came back to Chicago after serving as an ad intern for the Chevrolet account in Detroit. Since then, I've held several art related positions in the Cook and Lake County areas. I've been an active member of the Lake County and Glenview Art Leagues. I'm also represented by Lemon Street Gallery-Kenosha WI and Blue Moon Gallery-Grayslake IL.