Janus Rose"Hard Copy", Fauxtography, 1:1 12"x12" variable sizes & prices on websiteFear Itself Digital Art 3:2Ratio (35"x23"Max) rose.artspan.com for variable price options|       When I retired as a photo retoucher, I decided to extend my skills by using Photoshop as an art medium in its own right without using or altering photographs. Hard Copy, part of my Anachronisms series, explores the transition in my own lifetime from analog to digital solutions for everyday needs, now accessed through our smartphones, specifically from printed books to eBooks. Forecast, an off-shoot of the same series, transitioned my work from the inanimate to the animate and refers to changes looming due to global warming.

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Artist's Palette & brushes on an Op Art background. Created as digital art using no photographic pixels.



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