Lorette Dodt“Scottsdale Blooms” watercolor 5x7 NFS|     My favorite example of Time Passages is the image titled “Spirits Across Time”. In this montage, I used an old photo from 1953 and merged it with an image I photographed in 2009. The image shows four generations from the first baby on the left as the great-granddaughter, then granddaughter, then great-grandmother, and finally grandfather. Through the magic of photomontage, the great-granddaughter and the great-grandmother are together for this first time.

The watercolors are samples of small studies of color and light. Both paintings are only 5x7 inches so the challenge was to represent the early fall landscape and the still life with ac­­curate color and detail.

Lorette's work can be seen in an extended show in The Overland Gallery.

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