Paul McFadden"Bull Valley Bachelor Party" - Photography 11x17 - $18.00

      Paul McFadden has lived in McHenry County for more than 52 of his 84 years on this goofy planet.  He has dabbled in photography all of those years .. both as a professional (magazine photographer and writer) and amateur.  Before coming to Il for his 35-year long “day job” with American Airlines at Ohare he was a newspaper photographer in Dubuque Iowa (the Telegraph Herald).  He also put in 5 1/2 years of military service with the AirForce as a photographer in the U.S, and France.  While in France his duties took him on a photo-related side trip to Vietnam in 1963.

Wildlife and scenic photography are his passions these days.

Paul McFaddenA redtail hawk, he exemplifies my wildlife photography these days.



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