Jeff Clouse"Faded Glory", Colored Pencil, 9" X 9", NFS|      While I’ve worked in several mediums including oils and acrylics, I’m most fond of using the “humble” pencil. I’ve always loved to draw. Recently I was exploring ways to include color into my drawings and discovered colored pencils as a legitimate medium for creating my work. My discovery of the colored pencil medium, along with urban sketching has re-energized and re-focused my work.

The interplay of light, shadow, and texture has always captivated me. I try to achieve an authentic interpretation, not an exact replication of the world around me, often in subject matter that evokes the passing of time in some way. 

I primarily work from my own reference photographs, as in my current “series” of drawings based on photos I took while visiting England. Locally, I try to sketch on location, usually starting a drawing on location, completing the piece from photos.

My interest in drawing and painting started at an early age. Art is something that I naturally gravitated toward. I earned a BFA degree from Murray State University (Murray, KY), more years ago than I care to admit. I followed a different path in my working profession, which included mechanical design, technical illustration, and retiring as a graphic artist in 2019. Throughout most of my adult life, I have done freelance work, mainly creating illustrations for Science Fiction and Fantasy books and games, but didn’t take time for my own art. Like many artists, retirement has allowed me the opportunity to do this.

Jim is a member of Urban Sketchers Chicago and
Creative Arts, Inc.

 Jim Clouse








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