Large Bowl"Large Bowl"- Ceramic - 11" diameter - $115.00|      I received my BFA in 1981 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

My work is inspired and guided by my intuitive response in any given moment and is exemplified by the interplay and contrast between elements…patterns, shapes and textures. My work has been shaped and influenced by life, the natural world around me as well as many other artist past and present including Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keefe.

My work illustrates the intersection between consciousness and unconsciousness. I deliberately tune into my inner voice allowing it to guide and direct me. I don’t study or plan. Instead, I quiet my mind and hands. I wait for inspiration. Invariably, one thing leads to another until a piece is finished. I feel privileged to create from this sacred space. I am moved to conjure organic forms and shapes out of slabs thrown by hand because of their unique characteristics. Rarely are they uniform and often they possess a natural expression or ‘live’ edge, unique to that piece of clay. Along with shape and form the images, patterns and marks on the surfaces are both inspired and derived from my relationship with the natural world in and around me. The repetitive patterns act as a meditation allowing space for the germination and discovery of what comes next. It’s exciting because I never know what a piece will look like until it’s finished and then, I’m often surprised.

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Mark Witmer 

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