Rich ChapmanAugust People's Choice Winner


While attending college, I enrolled in an introductory photography class. The teacher, an award-winning newspaper photographer with charm and charisma, caught my attention. The next day before class, I bought a newspaper, and found a picture with his name credited under it. I was hooked! I went home that afternoon and proclaimed to anyone who would listen that I had found my calling in life.

Working as a newspaper staff photographer for over 30 years, I put the same energy and professionalism into every assignment given. Every subject I photographed, no matter how big or small the story was, I was compelled to deliver a picture to my editors that was worthing of getting a reader’s attention.

My career at the Chicago Sun-Times sadly ended abruptly due to budget concerns, so it was time to pivot. In recent years, I have been able to utilize my photojournalism skills and apply them to weddings, events, portraits and nature photography.

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 Fireworks at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington.. (Photo by Rich Chapman)   A hummingbird checks out a fading hibicus flower. (Photo by Rich Chapman)  


 Phragmites outcompetes native vegetation and lowers the local plant biodiversity. Phragmites forms dense thickets of vegetation that is unsuitable habitat for native fauna. Phragmites displaces native plants species such as wild rice, cattails, and native wetland orchids. Phragmites has a high above ground biomass that blocks light to other plants allowing areas to turn into Phragmites monoculture very quickly. (Photo by Rich Chapman)    Woods Creek watershed basin in Algonquin. (Photo by Rich Chapman)  


Sybil KlugAugust People's Choice Honorable Mention Winner

image8As a busy mother of three, I find little bits of time throughout the week and put them all to as much creating as I possibly can. I’ve found it a lot easier to put down, pick up and rehydrate watercolor so I’ve been pursuing studies in this medium lately. My passion however, came to me about eight years ago. I’ve painted many times but one day I decided to pickup a pallet knife and paint with it. Since then, I have been obsessed with this technique and very much crave the freedom of it. Often I get asked, what sparks my creativity. I honestly can paint any subject. It’s the color that drives me. Either the hue or how it blends, weather the subject is translucent or multilayered, amount of contrast, depth. I’m always pushing my technique to the next level. Some paintings have a lot of meaning to me, others just help me portray an emotion. When I paint, the whole world fades away. 

I’m currently pursuing textile art as well. I love creating macrame wall hangings and dreamcatchers the most. Although I don’t work on sketches and color pencil drawings as much anymore, I still get an occasional commission on them as I do have a hand in being very realistic with pencil. I also crate jewelry. I started wire wrapping with copper about eight years ago. I feature semiprecious crystals in my wraps and design easy flowing lines or sculptures that resemble flowers or insects for example. All of my jewelry is coated making it hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Most pieces adjust in size or can be made custom.

I’m looking forward to having a studio again in the future as I really miss teaching art classes. Being a mom is the priority at this time but I’ll be back in no time. I’m considering starting a fashion project while I plan ahead.

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Ken's RoseKen's Rose - Painting - NFS

|     I am 63 years old and am a retired mechanic.
I love wood working and art. I have 3 horses that I love to ride.
I also do equestrian mounted shooting.














Sybil Klug

As an elementary art teacher I was able to work with young children and expose them to the world of art, helping them to realize that art is a way of communicating with others. Children have such fresh and creative ideas. You can learn a lot from them! As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” After having taught elementary art for 31 years, in Crystal Lake School District 47, I retired in 2012 and am now pursuing my passion for the watercolor medium.

The transparency and feel you can get from watercolor is wonderful. There are the unexpected and sheer accidents of the watercolor medium that can give us some of our most unique shapes, textures and impressions. 

Growing up in Woodstock, I have always had a passion for animals, plants, flowers, and trees. It is their fresh beautiful color and pattern found in them that cause me to admire these subjects. The beauty of the plants and nature in McHenry County leaves endless subjects for me to paint! 

Art for me is how I communicate. My paintings show how I feel about a subject and its personality, sometimes in more depth than I can describe or put it into words. It may just get others to see what I am seeing.  Art is my means to communicate what is all around us!

I am currently a member of the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild. My paintings have been juried in to shows at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, Crystal Lake, IL; The Old Courthouse Art Center, Woodstock, IL; Art of the Land, Starline Gallery, Harvard, IL; Watercolor 2017,2018 & 2019, Norris Gallery, St, Charles, IL. I was selected as the artist for Copy Express’s 2019 Woodstock Calendar. As an art teacher, I was published in the Disney Magazine “Family Fun”.

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Sibling Kiss"Sibling Kiss"|      Former staff photographer at the Chicago Sun-Times, now self-employed as a wedding, event, and editorial photographer.


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