Brad Schmitt"Setting Snow Moon", Photography, 8 X 10, $90.00|My photographic journey began when my Godmother gave me an Instamatic camera as a High School graduation gift.  Within a year, I graduated again.  This time, from that camera to a 35mm SLR.  As is true for most of us, I have been working with a digital camera for years now, but am still learning.  So much to learn!

Initially, my favorite subjects were those to be found in the natural world, and found my inspiration in the great photos to be found in the pages of National Geographic Magazine.  In time, I came to appreciate landscapes, antique cars, events, and subjects bordering on the abstract as well.
I would like to thank the Starline Factory Artists group for hosting these monthly events so that we may have the opportunity to not only showcase our own work but to see and learn from our peers.