Rich ChapmanOctober People's Choice Winner


While attending college, I enrolled in an introductory photography class. The teacher, an award-winning newspaper photographer with charm and charisma, caught my attention. The next day before class, I bought a newspaper, and found a picture with his name credited under it. I was hooked! I went home that afternoon and proclaimed to anyone who would listen that I had found my calling in life.

Working as a newspaper staff photographer for over 30 years, I put the same energy and professionalism into every assignment given. Every subject I photographed, no matter how big or small the story was, I was compelled to deliver a picture to my editors that was worthing of getting a reader’s attention.

My career at the Chicago Sun-Times sadly ended abruptly due to budget concerns, so it was time to pivot. In recent years, I have been able to utilize my photojournalism skills and apply them to weddings, events, portraits and nature photography.

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 Fireworks at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington.. (Photo by Rich Chapman)   A hummingbird checks out a fading hibicus flower. (Photo by Rich Chapman)  


 Phragmites outcompetes native vegetation and lowers the local plant biodiversity. Phragmites forms dense thickets of vegetation that is unsuitable habitat for native fauna. Phragmites displaces native plants species such as wild rice, cattails, and native wetland orchids. Phragmites has a high above ground biomass that blocks light to other plants allowing areas to turn into Phragmites monoculture very quickly. (Photo by Rich Chapman)    Woods Creek watershed basin in Algonquin. (Photo by Rich Chapman)