BredendickOctober Best of Show Winner

I am an artist.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Art is my joy! Art gives physical form to what we think, feel, and imagine, connecting us with each other.

I love to paint with watercolor. I use watercolor as a medium without preconceptions of how a watercolor should look. Paint is paint!

My process begins with thumbnail pencil sketches, and then color/value studies to work out the composition necessary to evolve an idea. I rely on the transparent nature of watercolor paint using multi-layered glazes to achieve depth of color and strong value contrast in my paintings. The design of a painting is very important to me, and I often rely on traditional formats such as the figure triangle to create a strong composition to enhance the viewer’s visual involvement and connection with the piece. I often create surface texture to break up the picture plane to add visual interest.

I am inspired by the interactions and relationships between living things. Narratively, my paintings are about story; the imaginative viewer can further evolve the tale. Exploring a theme within a series enhances my understanding of the potential evolution of an idea. The female figure is dominant in my work, usually in combination with animals, including cats, dogs, lambs, and sea turtles.  I love the visual movement that can be created by painting koi fish. I am fascinated by cats, many of whom have walked in and out of my life. The “cat” paintings express their feline nature going beyond what a cat looks like.  You know what I mean if you have ever been owned by a cat!

The paintings are done with Winsor Newton or Holbein professional grade watercolor paint on acid free 140lb. Arches cold press paper. All matting materials are archival quality.

Blue Lamb   Blue Moon Cat   Border Collie Bues  

IMG 20191202 101431 2   Like Us They Swim 2

Bredendick Joan 2