Tammy"Afternoon Delight", watercolor, 22w x 12h $195.00| Nature-inspired. Have a great love for all the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

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5 C. fresh air to go 8x11 drawing russ riendeau"Best Friends", watercolor, 12w x 15h $125.00| Nature-inspired. Have a great love for all the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

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Rich ChapmanFebruary 21 Best of Show Winner

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I enjoy challenging myself with a variety of subject matters. I have painted portraits, still-life, scenery and have even dabbled in abstract painting. I am continually looking for new ideas. You can see several of my paintings at McHenry County College and numerous pieces at McHenry County State Attorney's Offices.



Rich ChapmanNovember Best of Show Winner

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David Engle is a former art instructor at Barrington High School and has extensive experience teaching beginning and advanced high school students and adults in ceramics, painting, and drawing. He has participated in many guest teaching experiences and demonstrations and has worked as an artist-in-resident in various venues, including locations as far as Salzburg, Austria.

As a studio artist, he has actively produced and exhibited drawings, paintings, prints, illustrations, and architectural renderings and his work has been accepted and received awards in many regional and national competitions and is in several public and private collections.

Freelance artist specializing in drawings, paintings, and illustrations.


Judy ArvidsonJanuary Best of Show

Judy Arvidson

Alaska was the land of my birth and childhood, and I grew to love nature and art early on.…art and nature…a great pairing. As a child, countless hours were spent drawing.

After Wheaton College, twenty-nine years of my adult life were given to teaching art to children in Illinois schools. Teaching was a way for me to give back, to love kids, and to help them develop their creative side and move their lives forward. Those were wonderful years, but I was so busy with family, art teaching, church, and continuing education that I had very little time for personal artistic pursuits.

Retirement has given me the time and the opportunity to develop my watercolor skills. I have studied under the able instruction of David R. Becker and Johanna Yoder. My most-painted subjects are landscapes (especially Alaska), floral studies, and portraits, but I will challenge myself to paint anything, so long as it highlights the beauty in some aspect of our world. I thank God for the gift of art and am always learning and attempting new things.

Currently, I enjoy serving alongside Angie Boe as Programs Co-chair for the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild and have exhibited in shows at the Dole (Crystal Lake), Old Courthouse Arts Center (Woodstock), and other area venues. The entire ARTS community longs for the day when in-person shows become the norm again.



BredendickOctober Best of Show Winner

I am an artist.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Art is my joy! Art gives physical form to what we think, feel, and imagine, connecting us with each other.

I love to paint with watercolor. I use watercolor as a medium without preconceptions of how a watercolor should look. Paint is paint!

My process begins with thumbnail pencil sketches, and then color/value studies to work out the composition necessary to evolve an idea. I rely on the transparent nature of watercolor paint using multi-layered glazes to achieve depth of color and strong value contrast in my paintings. The design of a painting is very important to me, and I often rely on traditional formats such as the figure triangle to create a strong composition to enhance the viewer’s visual involvement and connection with the piece. I often create surface texture to break up the picture plane to add visual interest.

I am inspired by the interactions and relationships between living things. Narratively, my paintings are about story; the imaginative viewer can further evolve the tale. Exploring a theme within a series enhances my understanding of the potential evolution of an idea. The female figure is dominant in my work, usually in combination with animals, including cats, dogs, lambs, and sea turtles.  I love the visual movement that can be created by painting koi fish. I am fascinated by cats, many of whom have walked in and out of my life. The “cat” paintings express their feline nature going beyond what a cat looks like.  You know what I mean if you have ever been owned by a cat!

The paintings are done with Winsor Newton or Holbein professional grade watercolor paint on acid free 140lb. Arches cold press paper. All matting materials are archival quality.

Blue Lamb   Blue Moon Cat   Border Collie Bues  

IMG 20191202 101431 2   Like Us They Swim 2

Bredendick Joan 2   


Rich ChapmanNovember People's Choice Winner

image8As a child, art was something that came easy to me. My first drawings were trees, tulips, dogs and cats, imagined in my mind and created on my walls, blankets, furniture, anything with a surface. Although my parents were not a fan of where I chose to draw, I could not quell the creative juices that just had to come out.

My intention was to duplicate realistic depictions of the world around me - people, animals, and landscapes. I admired the work of the artists who could create from their minds without a need for a model for reference. I longed to be able to do the same. I was a perfectionist always seen with my supplies (never without an eraser), with fresh drawing paper within arm's reach. Multiple crumpled drawing attempts accumulated on the floor of my room, yet, my childhood home was decorated with my successes. 

I studied illustration at Ray Vogue School of Design, Chicago, graduated, and almost immediately began a career in graphic design. For nine years, I was lucky enough to work as a graphic designer for two small advertising agencies. This afforded me the ability to learn not only my specific design position, but all aspects of design production. This gift opened doors as I developed the skills necessary to transition into freelance graphic design. 

Aside from occasional design and illustration projects, my art career took a pause, while I raised a family. My personal passion, was to create landscape oil paintings. Back then, it took years to paint a single image because I had the misconception that my art had to be perfect. I rarely had the time to allow my creative juices to flow in the way I thought was necessary to create an image up to my high standards.

A catalyst to change……

I was guided to step out of my comfort zone by an unfortunate event. A classmate of my young son had passed away. It awoke my creative passion as “I knew” I needed to create a piece of art in her honor and memory. Although painting realistic portraits was not something I was comfortable with nor enjoyed, I still accepted this personal challenge. It took eleven long months for me to bring her memory to life on canvas. As the eyes are the doorway to the soul this part would not come out accurately. I found myself repainting her eyes over and over again. When I finally surrendered the need to control, her likeness flowed quickly from my brushes, and there “she was.” This was a milestone in my art career. She freed me to be me.

Hers was the first of three gifts I created. Each triggered within me a memory of how much I yearned to draw and paint.

In 2015, I was accepted into the prestigious juried art fair “Art in the Barn” in Barrington, IL.  I was eager about the challenge of having to create enough images to fill the 10x10 booth. This empowered me to step into my gifts. A new chapter in my life began. I felt honored to be a part of an event where I could express myself freely. With two months to prepare, I noticed a dramatic shift in my art. It was like I was unwound, and my images went from a tight, limited view, to a more open organic style. Within one month, I was able to create more than twenty surreal, dreamlike visions for my booth. It was exhilarating, surrendering control as I switched from realism to abstract surrealism. The world was a blank canvas and I could create anything I could dream into reality. No limits! I just drew. Image after image flowed. It was the most freeing experience. Suddenly all of the ideas that had gathered in my head through the years poured forth. In that final month, I amazingly brought to life twenty-five chalk pastel drawings. 

The evolution of my artistic style continued and I have now become more of an Intuitive Artist. Along with surrendering, I listened to the guidance that comes to my head and heart, and my hand follows the creative inspiration of the universe.  Through a stream of consciousness, images are miraculously born. I am a conscious creator of light - intentionally creating uplifting pieces to elevate on sight. Light essence and vibrational artistry pour forth into my creations. They are no longer just images and pictures, but a form of energy healing embedded in colors and textures. As a Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, my art becomes a vibrational tool for elevation, healing, and upliftment, guided by a higher power flowering from subconscious worlds.

Since 2015, I have created over 70 chalk pastel surreal pieces, including acrylic paintings, over 1000 intuitive abstract energy paintings for clients, and multiple inspirational oracle card decks with the Intuitive Life Coach and Channel Writer, Lisa Gniady. 

My work has been exhibited in galleries, stores, and juried art fairs.

I am a “conscious” graphic designer and illustrator, and Intuitive Visionary Artist. As an artist, I embrace the thrill of what is next on the horizon for me. The blank canvas shifts and morphs with the tides and I welcome what the future is ready to show me, as the creative journey continues…...





Patricia PanopoulosJanuary "People's Choice"|trishbio 

 My paintings tend to lean toward expressive portrait and figurative pieces. I paint in whatever style reflects my mood and often work on multiple paintings at the same time. My concentration is painting blues and jazz musician’s past and current. It gives me the opportunity to listen to their music and reflect on what they may have been feeling when they performed. My drive comes from a desire to communicate thoughts that don’t have words. Painting what I feel is more important than painting what I see. True beauty isn’t something that you can see with your eyes open, instead, it is something that you feel when your eyes are closed.

See more of Patricia's artwork.




Rich ChapmanOctober People's Choice Winner


While attending college, I enrolled in an introductory photography class. The teacher, an award-winning newspaper photographer with charm and charisma, caught my attention. The next day before class, I bought a newspaper, and found a picture with his name credited under it. I was hooked! I went home that afternoon and proclaimed to anyone who would listen that I had found my calling in life.

Working as a newspaper staff photographer for over 30 years, I put the same energy and professionalism into every assignment given. Every subject I photographed, no matter how big or small the story was, I was compelled to deliver a picture to my editors that was worthing of getting a reader’s attention.

My career at the Chicago Sun-Times sadly ended abruptly due to budget concerns, so it was time to pivot. In recent years, I have been able to utilize my photojournalism skills and apply them to weddings, events, portraits and nature photography.

More of Rich's Art!

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 Fireworks at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington.. (Photo by Rich Chapman)   A hummingbird checks out a fading hibicus flower. (Photo by Rich Chapman)  


 Phragmites outcompetes native vegetation and lowers the local plant biodiversity. Phragmites forms dense thickets of vegetation that is unsuitable habitat for native fauna. Phragmites displaces native plants species such as wild rice, cattails, and native wetland orchids. Phragmites has a high above ground biomass that blocks light to other plants allowing areas to turn into Phragmites monoculture very quickly. (Photo by Rich Chapman)    Woods Creek watershed basin in Algonquin. (Photo by Rich Chapman)  


KerndlSeptember Best of Show Winner


Kirk Kerndl is a realist oil painter and sculptor who lives and works in Lombard, Illinois. He was born and raised in Illinois, and he draws inspiration from the tranquility found in the Midwestern landscape and things we see everyday. 

As a child Kerndl was first inspired by his grandfather's woodcarvings and drawings. Kerndl is drawn to capturing the light and stillness and isolation in his paintings. He finds that the understated calmness of his work helps to provide a counterbalance to the chaos of everyday life.

Kerndl graduated from Elmhurst College in Illinois with a B.S. in Finance and Economics and a Minor in Art.


More of Kirk's Art!

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 Kerndl   Kerndl