Kathie Collinson"Taking a New View of an Old Road", Photo Encaustic, 10x10in, $175.00|     I am a Starline resident artist working in Colored Pencil, Photography and Encaustic painting. My studio is 203G.

Kathie Collinson









Thomas Warnke"Tahoe Shore", Acrylic 20" X 16" $350|      I am retired from the publishing world as a graphic artist/illustrator.
Now that I no longer have to follow directions with crazy deadlines, my freedom to express myself has no boundaries. My medium of choice is watercolor or acrylic.

Love to learn new techniques and experiment with all subjects including abstracts.



Jeff Clouse"Ancient Mischief", Colored Pencil Drawing, 12" X 10" NFS|      The interplay of light, shadow, and texture has always captivated me. I try to achieve an authentic interpretation, not an exact replication of the world around me, often in subject matter that evokes the passing of time in some way. I strive to have an honest response to the scene, conveying to the viewer the mood or feeling that I have experienced with it.





Brad Schmitt"Setting Snow Moon", Photography, 8 X 10, $90.00|My photographic journey began when my Godmother gave me an Instamatic camera as a High School graduation gift.  Within a year, I graduated again.  This time, from that camera to a 35mm SLR.  As is true for most of us, I have been working with a digital camera for years now, but am still learning.  So much to learn!

Initially, my favorite subjects were those to be found in the natural world, and found my inspiration in the great photos to be found in the pages of National Geographic Magazine.  In time, I came to appreciate landscapes, antique cars, events, and subjects bordering on the abstract as well.
I would like to thank the Starline Factory Artists group for hosting these monthly events so that we may have the opportunity to not only showcase our own work but to see and learn from our peers.


Tammy"Afternoon Delight", watercolor, 22w x 12h $195.00| Nature-inspired. Have a great love for all the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

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5 C. fresh air to go 8x11 drawing russ riendeau"Best Friends", watercolor, 12w x 15h $125.00| Nature-inspired. Have a great love for all the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

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Rich ChapmanFebruary 21 Best of Show Winner

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I enjoy challenging myself with a variety of subject matters. I have painted portraits, still-life, scenery and have even dabbled in abstract painting. I am continually looking for new ideas. You can see several of my paintings at McHenry County College and numerous pieces at McHenry County State Attorney's Offices.



Rich ChapmanNovember Best of Show Winner

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David Engle is a former art instructor at Barrington High School and has extensive experience teaching beginning and advanced high school students and adults in ceramics, painting, and drawing. He has participated in many guest teaching experiences and demonstrations and has worked as an artist-in-resident in various venues, including locations as far as Salzburg, Austria.

As a studio artist, he has actively produced and exhibited drawings, paintings, prints, illustrations, and architectural renderings and his work has been accepted and received awards in many regional and national competitions and is in several public and private collections.

Freelance artist specializing in drawings, paintings, and illustrations.


Judy ArvidsonJanuary Best of Show

Judy Arvidson

Alaska was the land of my birth and childhood, and I grew to love nature and art early on.…art and nature…a great pairing. As a child, countless hours were spent drawing.

After Wheaton College, twenty-nine years of my adult life were given to teaching art to children in Illinois schools. Teaching was a way for me to give back, to love kids, and to help them develop their creative side and move their lives forward. Those were wonderful years, but I was so busy with family, art teaching, church, and continuing education that I had very little time for personal artistic pursuits.

Retirement has given me the time and the opportunity to develop my watercolor skills. I have studied under the able instruction of David R. Becker and Johanna Yoder. My most-painted subjects are landscapes (especially Alaska), floral studies, and portraits, but I will challenge myself to paint anything, so long as it highlights the beauty in some aspect of our world. I thank God for the gift of art and am always learning and attempting new things.

Currently, I enjoy serving alongside Angie Boe as Programs Co-chair for the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild and have exhibited in shows at the Dole (Crystal Lake), Old Courthouse Arts Center (Woodstock), and other area venues. The entire ARTS community longs for the day when in-person shows become the norm again.



BredendickOctober Best of Show Winner

I am an artist.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Art is my joy! Art gives physical form to what we think, feel, and imagine, connecting us with each other.

I love to paint with watercolor. I use watercolor as a medium without preconceptions of how a watercolor should look. Paint is paint!

My process begins with thumbnail pencil sketches, and then color/value studies to work out the composition necessary to evolve an idea. I rely on the transparent nature of watercolor paint using multi-layered glazes to achieve depth of color and strong value contrast in my paintings. The design of a painting is very important to me, and I often rely on traditional formats such as the figure triangle to create a strong composition to enhance the viewer’s visual involvement and connection with the piece. I often create surface texture to break up the picture plane to add visual interest.

I am inspired by the interactions and relationships between living things. Narratively, my paintings are about story; the imaginative viewer can further evolve the tale. Exploring a theme within a series enhances my understanding of the potential evolution of an idea. The female figure is dominant in my work, usually in combination with animals, including cats, dogs, lambs, and sea turtles.  I love the visual movement that can be created by painting koi fish. I am fascinated by cats, many of whom have walked in and out of my life. The “cat” paintings express their feline nature going beyond what a cat looks like.  You know what I mean if you have ever been owned by a cat!

The paintings are done with Winsor Newton or Holbein professional grade watercolor paint on acid free 140lb. Arches cold press paper. All matting materials are archival quality.

Blue Lamb   Blue Moon Cat   Border Collie Bues  

IMG 20191202 101431 2   Like Us They Swim 2

Bredendick Joan 2