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Often the “Star of the Show” - guests appreciate the wide-open spaces to explore. The 200,000 square foot, historic Starline Factory building was built over 100 years ago. Today it provides a great space to safely distance while visiting the events, dining, shopping, and more!

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Artists submit work to be judged by a guest judge.
• Best of Show (Art or Photography) $50 Cash Prize and Starline Medal
• 1st Place for Art (any Artwork but photography) $25 Starline Gift Card and Starline Medal
• 1st Place for Photography (any photography) $25 Starline Gift Card and Starline Medal
• People’s Choice (Art or Photography) $25 Starline Gift Card and Starline Medal
• Judge’s Option Honorable Mention (Art or Photography) $20 Starline Gift Card


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Dine at the Stanchion Pub. The Stanchion Pub offers a variety of food and drink specials. The 4th Friday Buffet Special is a big hit for attendees of the event. Drinks are also available at a variety of bars throughout the building on 4th Friday evenings.

Guests of the 4th Friday's Event can enjoy 2 or more great musical performers or bands throughout the evening. August's entertainment is Night Sky on the Main Stage, Art Karagianis in the Skylight Loft, and TBA on the Terrace.

This multi-instrumental trio, prefers sharing improvisational compositions. Through the meditation of first thought-best thought, The Night Sky, mimics the finer moments of a deep conversation like one contemplates the distance of the stars on a crisp clear evening.

Art has performed at many 4th Fridays. He is a favorite that continues to please!  



Octopi, Moonlight, and Mermaids

Ocopi 783925

July 26 - September 24

A collaborative show with Sandra Fink May and her daughter E. Caitlin May and Lorette Dodt and her daughter Kristen Dodt Gioe and Sandie Bacon.

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New to the Starline Factory this year; The Starline Excursion Market is a 20,000 square foot venue for artisans and vendors of home decor and gifts. A great place to shop, sell and explore for the perfect treasure. The Starline Excursion Market will be open on 4th Fridays 11 to 8 pm.


Live Art on 4th Friday

Every 4th Friday we invite artists to demonstrate their art.
This month's artists include the following:

Sandie Bacon

Art Demonstration -...

Tamara McMillan

Henna Art - Tamara has...

Sheri Cannataro

Bee Products - Sheri is...